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Noir Gear

Noir Z1 Aluminum Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Noir Z1 Aluminum Custom Mechanical Keyboard

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Noir Z1 Aluminium Keyboard 65% layout with knob.
Compact, but still has the arrow keys you need just
like your laptop keyboard configuration


-65% Exploded Form Factor
-Full Anodized CNC Aluminum Body
-Media Rotary Knob
-Gasket Mounting System (Softer Typing Feel)
-Southfacing Hotswap PCB (Cherry Profile Keycaps Friendly)
-Supports Both PCB and Plate Mounted Stabilizers
-USB Type-C Daughter Board
-Chrome Aluminium Back Weight (Heavily improves the typing sound produced by the keyboard)
-7 degree typing angle

Noir Z1 will include :

Coiled USB Type-C Cable
2 Plate Choices (FR4 & Polycarbonate) for full kit variant
Chrome Aluminium Back Weight
Space grey color knob
Screw-in Stabilizers
Poron & Silicone Gaskets
Poron Case Foam
Poron PCB Foam
Poron Switch Foam Sheet
Noir Gear Software
(This Product not included keycaps and switches)

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