About us

Welcome to NOIR, where innovation meets versatility in gaming gear. At NOIR, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect balance between work and play. Gaming gear often leans towards a techy aesthetic, while professional options may compromise on quality. That's where we come in.

NOIR is not just a brand; it's a solution. Our mission is to bridge the gap by creating multi-functional gaming gear that excels in both professional and leisure environments. Backed by a decade-long partnership with an experienced factory, we bring you a fusion of quality, functionality, and sleek design.

We play the game well, and we want you to do the same. That's why each NOIR product comes with a 1-year warranty – a testament to our commitment to durability and your satisfaction.

Whether gaming is a hobby or a way of life for you, NOIR enhances your experience, boosting not only your performance in virtual realms but also in the tasks that matter in your daily life. We believe gaming isn't just entertainment; it's a lifestyle, and our gear reflects that ethos.

Join us on the journey where NOIR transforms gaming from a pastime into a seamlessly integrated part of your lifestyle. Elevate your performance, express your style, and embrace the NOIR experience.

Welcome to a new era of gaming gear. Welcome to NOIR.