Why Mechanical Keyboard?

Why Mechanical Keyboard?

All The Goodness Behind Mechanical Keyboard and Why You Need One

Have you counted how many hours you spend on the computer and how much of your life revolves around it? The answer most likely will be, a lot. So we might as well make those hours as pleasant as possible. That being said, why not invest in something you use very often?

But first, let's dive deeper into what a mechanical keyboard actually is.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard is not your typical built-in keyboard. The most obvious difference between a regular and a mechanical keyboard would be the switches.Are you wondering what does it have to do with you?

A mechanical keyboard provides some satisfying "clicks" when being used. It is nice to the ear and to the touch, so that it makes you feel good every time you place your hands on it to start your work. No more procrastinating and finding excuses to start your work because with a mechanical keyboard, the time spent on your  computer would be the time you look forward to. 

And the same goes with your gaming experience with a mechanical keyboard. For an avid gamer who is after speed, feel, and comfortability, the right tool will help you enjoy your gaming time or even better, increase your chance to win.

What mechanical keyboard has that regular keyboard doesn't?


Minimal wear and tear of the switches, all thanks to plastic switches instead of the rubber ones used beneath the regular keyboards.


Switch easily for one key to another and react fast to what is happening on the screen with mechanical keyboards. Because they have a plastic switch underneath, they allow you to press only halfway down and result in only the halftime it usually takes to send signals from keyboard to the computer. If you're a gamer, you know speed is a necessity.


Plastic is relatively easier to be cleaned without the need of special tools. If you compare it to rubber switches that are used on regular keyboards, rubber easily acquires dust and when dust sticks to it, it is harder to remove. In some cases, you need to replace the rubber. With mechanical keyboards, you can just easily remove the plastic switches. Low maintenace, higher satisfaction.


We are all after something that could make us feel good. Mechanical keyboards could give that pleasant experience combining high speed, good feel and high comfortability in one. 


What are switches in mechanical keyboards and why are they important?

Underneath the keyboard that you use, there lies a mechanism called a switch that registers the keystroke. Here's the catch: These switches have a variety of response, noise and travel times. 

Some keys give you tactile feedback that will make typing an easier feat for your fingers. Some give audio feedback in unique clicky sound. This helps you recognize a keypress or just for purely satisfaction that matters in elevating your on-screen experience. 

When choosing your switches, there are some things to consider:

  • Auditory feedback. Do you prefer keyboards with or without a clicky sound?
  • Tactile feedback. Do you fancy a smooth or clicky key press?
  • The force needed to activate the switch. Do you lean towards the ones with less or more pressure?

Linear keyboards, usually provide no feedback; no bump and no click. They are quick and smooth.

Tactile keyboards, provide a bump that you can feel when you press the key, but no click.

Clicky keyboards, provide a bump that you can feel as well as an audible click that feels satisfying. It is like the music to your ears.

Will I be typing faster on a mechanical keyboard?

The answer is, most likely yes. Apart from the fact that it depends on you as well, it allows you to feel the tactile and audio feedback so that you know the keystrokes are registering. The fact that it only takes half effort to press is another reason why using a mechanical keyboard could result in a faster, time-efficient typing time.

Will I be more accurate?

Compared to regular keyboards, the answer is again, yes. The tactile feedback will train your muscle memory even better than flat keyboards. And because mechanical keyboards are not flat, it makes your finger hit the right key more easily.

So what mechanical keyboard shall I get?

Look no further than Noir N1, a compact-sized mechanical keyboard (it has the same size with your 13" laptops) that connects function and aesthetic that is easy to carry around. Even better, it also could be used on 5 different devices and comes with a 2.4Ghz receiver.

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